GLORY The video performances Dançando na janela da Gloria/Dancing in the Glory Window, 2014 and Gloria, 2017 are the result of a partnership between Brazilian performer Luanna Jimenes and Dutch multi-artist Henk Nieman. The human figure, characterized by the costume, can inhabit the city, and live with passersby on the busy sidewalk of the metropolis, but it can also return to its place of origin, to indulge in a farewell, or live a passage.

The performance outfit Gloria is made using fabrics from the textile design studio Studio Capim, by Henk Nieman and Alexandra Ward. The appearance of the multicolored figure, on the one hand, updates references of urban and technological culture but also recovers connections with the spiritual plane. The cloak resumes ceremonial costumes from antiquity: the oriental kimono but also the Christian tunic. In the visual representation of women in art history and religious iconography, the female figure always appears with the bush over her head and in this way, loses her erotic and seductive aspect. Gloria, 2017, was recorded in Catuçaba-SP in a fall of the Ribeirão do Chapéu River, before flowing into the Paraitinga River. You are from the top of the mountain on the way to the sea.

In this creation in performance, the costume sets a challenge for the body, as an object that establishes limits, and serves as a shield for different states of presence or possibilities of behavior. The creative process has been maintained through the search for traditional costumes from ancient cultures, linked to a locals artistic residency programs; and in São Paulo, the artist develops her research related to USP-University of São Paulo and in partnership with studios and artists for independent experiences with scenographic and technological devices.